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This blog is to showcase the photos of Singapore Cosplayers that I have personally taken at local events. If you see yourself or would like me to credit the cosplayers, don't hesitate to tell me which photo and who they are; I will more than happily credit you! Please check the about page down below for more info. Thank you! ♥~\(^v^)/

I will also be reblogging cosplays from other blogs here. Requests accepted for the reblogged posts. I also accept and do private photoshoots when requested. You can see photos of such shoots here♥

By the way, the original site link is to Yana Toboso's blog where this theme is from~ She's the mangaka for Black Butler and Rust Blaster.
Kingdom Hearts - Pointer



I wanted to explain how to do a simple gradient dye! I’m making a hip scarf to go along with my hand-dyed cape for my Terra Branford cosplay. So here we go…

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