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This blog is to showcase the photos of Singapore Cosplayers that I have personally taken at local events. If you see yourself or would like me to credit the cosplayers, don't hesitate to tell me which photo and who they are; I will more than happily credit you! Please check the about page down below for more info. Thank you! ♥~\(^v^)/

I will also be reblogging cosplays from other blogs here. A queue of about 8-10 posts a day will be set, of which 3 will be my original posts of photos from events, 1 will be a tutorial, 1 will be cosplay related news/fact and the rest will be reblogged cosplay photographs. Requests accepted for the reblogged posts.

By the way, the original site link is to Yana Toboso's blog where this theme is from~ She's the mangaka for Black Butler and Rust Blaster.
Kingdom Hearts - Pointer

So you order a wig and it’s suppose to come prestyled and when you open the package, it looks something like this:

And you’re sitting around wondering what did I do to deserve this. Fret not, it’s really easy to remove this, wash it out, straighten it and restyle it yourself! Fair reminder that this is my method. It’s not the best but it works.

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